Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Monte Vista Montessori Opening Fall 2008

Several parents are in the works of opening a new Montessori School on Magnolia Avenue in Monte Vista Historic Neighborhood. As of August 20, there were over 60 students enrolled already, so this school is definitely a reality for Fall 2008!

Interested parents should contact Melanie Evans, who is a partner and organizer for the new school, at (210) 422-0045 or Andreas Laven can be reached at or by phone at (210) 422-1359.

The new location is at 237 W. Magnolia in Monte Vista between San Pedro and McCullough.

There is also a Summer Camp in progress, and that may be ongoing for a few more weeks if you are interested.

Here is an informational email sent out by Melanie to the other parents:

August 16, 2008

Dear Parents,
What a summer! Monte Vista Montessori School is a reality!

Thank you for your support! The excitement is building and the new school year is fast approaching. We will be closing on the building at 237 West Magnolia, in a few days. All of us are biting at the bit and can't wait to get in and get to work. Fortunately the building is well suited to our use and will need little modification.

We plan to hold the first Open House on Thursday August 28, at 7:00 pm. at the new school.

Many students have already registered but, not all of those who gave a verbal
commitment have signed up. Now is the time. In order to set up the classes we need paper work for the students. We need the registration forms as soon as
possible. We are making class lists and I will be ordering new class furniture on August 16. I need to know how many desks and chairs to order.

To speed the process we will attach a registration form and a health form to this

Together we are building a brighter future.

Please fax registration forms or mail to Melanie Evans: Fax 210-828-7477, address: 9131 E Valley View Lane, San Antonio, TX 78217. You can also send an email confirming that you going to register to