Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Fresh fruits and veggies

I am a member of two neighborhood vegetable co-ops. It's great. $10 bucks gets me a big box of fruits & veggies every other week. So I end up with two boxes since I belong to two of them. I bought a used vita-mixer, which is a blender on steroids, and I blend up a lot of delicious meals. Some are weird, like the cabbage-cucumber gazpacho. Not so good...

This morning I had a cold grapefruit, strawberry, peach, orange, apple, and lime smoothie. Yum. It was tangy and delicious.

The Express News published an article about Chuparrosa Farm which is a local farm that is also a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Members support the place financially, and enjoy the fruits of harvest and other benefits including delivery options and an occasional members-only dining experience at the farm.

CSAs and Chuparrosa are interesting concepts. My co-ops shop at the veggie wholesalers (Most of which are clustered around 1500 S. Zarzamora), so what I get is arguably the same as what I could buy at HEB. The Chuparrosa members have the benefit of shaking the hand of Robin and Peter Bowman who grew the goodies. Check out the article by Loydean Thomas. There is also an associated list of all the Farmers Markets around San Antonio sorted by day of the week.